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These were posted to JBEL 1994-1997

Date: Fri, 16 Dec 1994 15:20:01 -0800
Subject: *** MESSAGE FROM JEFF ***

jeff ..... overwhelming can something be? Just tell everybody for me that Mickey,Michael,Matt and I LOVE YOU ALL SUPREMELY!!! This has been the most surreal year of joy and utterly satanic bullshit mixed together...your support and your love has completely inspired us to go on with the tour with more patience and's a massive task,my tour...we play sometimes six out of seven nights a week, sometimes three gigs in one day (in-store gig in the afternoon, radio show pre-gig, then on to the big mama...) Believe me, we fucking FEEL you out helps us so much and I just wanted to tell you that I love you, too


Of course, the stinking journalists didn't show up for night number two at the Green Mill gig, WE MASHED THE NIGHT BEFORE INTO GOATSHIT!!!

That's o.k., there'll be plenty of articles for them to write in hell...

The Mystery Whiteboy Tour continues in Jan. '95

First we visit Europe, than (AAAAAIIEEEE!We Can't Stinking Believe It) we go to Japan where we'll be politely torn to shreds by their politely evil schedule.. I can't wait to see the white american business men get polluted and loudly attempt to get geisha-fied...then back to Europe, then five weeks off( I just crossed myself ) then on through the U.S. one mo' again, Maceo!
That's all.

Merry Christmas. My heart is with you.
Sweet dreams,
Jeff Buckley

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 14:56:49 -0800
Subject: *** JEFF's 2nd POST ***

Jeff Buckley here.

I was just looking through the Mojo Bin.... OH MY GOD! AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!! So much of the shows I found , I clearly remember as being terribly lame.Very, very sucky. Unfortunately, in this age of Internet, one can't avoid having one's dreck smeared all over the computer waves by curious Net-surfers.I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it.However, this time I'm making sure that ALL of our shows rise in quality in a RADICAL way. Since any show is going to be culled via bootleg for Internet consumption,I assume, I will be obsessed with the potential humiliation. So , I'll just have to work all the harder to make it as good for you as it is for me.I've got a tiny bit of rest ( not enough, you can imagine) and I'm shelling out some dough for our own moniter system. Any band will tell you: monitors suck- you suck . What a fucking drag. I'm so embarrassed. Oh well, that's the way the cookie bounces. Fuck. I love you , anyway.
Vive la roque,

New Year's '95 letter:

Dear Everyone,

Thank you for your beautiful letters. Sometimes things get my brain in a twist and reading your words of support really does my heart good. I shouldn't think so much. A big Merry Christmas to all of you poor popsicles out there in Winterland (it is bloody freezing here in N.Y.C.) stay warm, people. Dear Santa, I want a new ozone layer. Get those elves cracking!!!

The band and I are in writing-mode now, doing well together, they send their love.

I'm sure you won't see us until the summer of '96 -- then we're really gonna freak out, man! Can't wait. Maybe we record in the spring? Don't know yet.

Also, may you all find the best of happinesses in the year to come. DON'T FEEL DOWN! '96 must rule! New positive mental attitude slogan:
"Dude, rocks".

You have our best. We love you, too.

Jeff Buckley N.Y.

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 19:59:28 -0400
Subject: october 25, 1996

hi it`s buckley.
i know that it`s been a trillion years since you`ve heard anything from me, but well , that`s just me, i don`t really get excited about calling people or making any kind of social contact through computers or phones. i`m just a lazy bastard, i guess. but still, hi all! hope you`re well.i`m doing pretty nicely.

when december comes, i`ll be wandering around in an ugly rented car and dropping by some undesignated venues , maybe in your town if you`re in the northeast. i`m still not sure about where i`ll go. but , they will be solo shows. and i will have to use some other name. the new record will be out supposedly in late spring `97. it`s called my sweetheart the drunk. but you don`t have to call it anything. watch it get destroyed.

every song will have a quiet part and then a loud part at the shout chorus and the lyrics will totally open up new pathways in the human mind, allowing both sexes to fling themselves into the path of modern boredom and sloth like an oncoming path train it`s not just a woman`s job anymore. both must explode as one.there will be no pain or shock at the time of impact. there will only be coca-cola and disney. and hooks, lot`s and lot`s of hooks for the kids at summer break. for the employees of the year who suddenly crack under pressure and ascend to the clock towers with their candy bars and automatic rifles, or anyone who has finally come to the answers of life.and lot`s of songs about chicks, i almost forgot... life. chicks. hooks. life. chicks. click click. bang. click click. hooks . bang.bang. hooks.chicks . hooks .click click. candy bar. bang! bang! bang!

snipers are the sex symbols of the future.every newspaper will send one to the after -show hot. so sexy. they`ll bang us all. i have to be in the meat district in ten minutes so i`ll sign off now. i love you. take care.


January 7, 1997

Hi. Buckley again.

The question is, "Why did he tour and not tell us where he was playing? Why why why?"

And the answer is this: There was a time in my life not too long ago when I could show up in a cafe and simply do what I do, make music, learn from performing my music, explore what it means to me, i.e.- have fun while I irritate and/or entertain an audience who doesn't know me or what I am about. in this situation I have that precious and irreplacable luxury of failure, of risk, of surrender. I worked very hard to get this kind of thing together, this work forum. I loved it then and missed it when it dissappeared. All I am doing is reclaiming it. Don't worry about the phantom solo tours, they are simply my way of survival and my own method of self-assessment and recreation. If they don't happen...nothing else can. I can at least be all alone with nothing to help me, save myself. Real men maintain their freedom to suck eggs, my dear.

I'm in the middle of some wild shit right now...please be patient, I'm coming soon to a cardboard display case near you and I'm coming out of my hole and we'll make bonfires out of ticketstubs come this summer.

Merry Christmas all and a kiss for your New Year's headache.


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