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Jeff Buckley

Jeff BuckleyJeff
(Voice, Lead Guitar)
A voice such as none shall ever hear on this plane,
And a Guitar style that effortlessly combined elements
Of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Folk music into one inimitable style.
So, the whole web site is about the guy, I'm sure you can find
some more info.

MickMick Grondahl
After playing around NYC for several years as a member of several different bands, Mick saw Jeff playing at a popular music club inside a crypt at Columbia University. A late night jam session with Jeff cemented their mutual vision towards music. Mick introduced Jeff to Matt, and the three of them laid the tracks for Grace together. Mickey is not currently touring. He was reported to have been writing and performing material for a soundtrack to a film. Mickey attended and participated in a Copenhagen Tribute show to Jeff Buckley on June 5, 1998.

Matt JohnsonMatt
(Drums, Percussion)
Matt Played with a band in NY called the Choosy Mothers before joining up with Mick and Jeff. He played with Dorothy Scott for a time. He also played drums on a few tracks from a new artist named Morley, and has done a few shows as the drummer for Elysian Fields. He's currently on tour drumming for Beth Orton (deConstruction/Arista) to support her recent release Central Reservation. Matty also did tour with Duncan Sheik to support his Atlantic release "Humming" (there's a tribute song to Jeff on that album too). Matty continues to also play with NY based musicians/singer/songwriters downtown including Dorothy Scott.

MichaelMichael Tighe
Michael was never in a band before he joined up with the other 3. Yet, he co-wrote So Real with Jeff, and was a force in live shows. Reputedly, he has done some dates in Europe with Elysian Fields, as well as a few tracks on their new album as bass player. Michael is toured with Those Bastard Souls (V2 Records) which included members of The Grifters (Jeff's favorite band) and the Dambuilders. Michael also co-writes songs and plays guitar in the newly formed band Black Beetle which includes Parker Kindred, Joan Wasser (Dambuilders) and Oren Bloedow (Elysian Fields). Black Beetle has not signed a record deal yet and continues to develop new songs and perform in New York City downtown clubs.

Parker Kindred
Parker filled the space left by the departure of Matt Johnson. He made his debut at the Arlene's Grocery Show. Currently on tour with Grand Maul. Parker is also part of the newly formed band Black Beetle (see info below). Parker performed with Jeff for some of those last gigs (Arlene's, Dreamtime Cafe), and did perform on select songs released in Sketches.

Some dudes on a Bridge
photo by: Merri Cyr