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Jeff and a Puddle
photo by: Merri Cyr

Click here for a beautiful tribute clip

Jeff Buckley
watching you sleep i can't help but write a love poem:
(for joe and inspired by jeff buckley)

your eyelashes, innumerable,
the riverhaze of azure behind them,
is that where you are
when you become unreachable?

'lover, you should've come over,'
listen, there is a guitar playing,
heartstrings vibrating,
it is french, n'est-ce pas?

something is lost in the translation from french,
or it would speak of unity and of the
dispensability of the space between lovers,
what is erased as we kiss.

watching you sleep i kiss your eyes, i sing softly to you,
hoping the refrain will resound in your dreams,
as in mine, a distant reverberation,
echo upon echo, even now, waking.

listen, the song echoes across the river,
the verse is ahead of itself,
tripping over the bridge,
wanting your audience.

is it audible, my whispered song
longing to come to your innocent lips, the doors of breath,
to kiss your ears with the french echo
of innumerable yearnings, oh, my love?

'oh, mon amour,
a toi toujours,
dans tes grands yeux,
rien que nous deux.'

I don't really know what to say, I didn't know him personally. His music should be a testament to his gift of incredible vocal ability and a poetry that puts Jim Morrison's to shame. It is an outrageous injustice to everyone that such a persons life could be cut so short. I feel a little guilty because I just loved his music and I'm sure others mourn him for the loss of a beautiful human being. I spent many sleepless nights listening to "grace" and it helped me deal with a lot of my personal setbacks and problems. I owe him a great deal more than thanks.
"Sleep in the sun, with the ocean washing over",

I don't know why Jeff Buckley's life and tragic death have had such an enormous effect on me.I first listened to Jeff in 1995 and was bowled over by the majesty of his incredible voice. Now when I listen to his music I feel a mixture of joy and sorrow. It's wierd feeling so deeply for someone I was never lucky enough to meet but I suppose that's a relection of the sheer power of his music. I feel as if I knew him and coming to terms with his pointless death has been a struggle ,as silly as that may sound.I'm not one of those "hero-worshipping" type people but Jeff's talent was so unique and so special that I still sometimes find myself crying when listening to "Lover You Should Have Come Over". I am afraid too in case people try to market his death and try to turn him into some kind of a Kurt Cobain type icon for a disillusioned youth. I have just bought Jeff's new album in Cork (Ireland) which is strange because when I tried to get "Grace" I had to go to Dublin.The album is amazing !! as expected but tinged with a bittersweet aftertaste when you begin to think about the unexpressed beauty that perished with Jeff.I kind of feel like he's still singing but someone slammed a door shut and I can no longer hear him. Anyway,thanks for listening to me blathering on. I wonder if maybe you understood anything of what I was trying to say?

mark wiltsey
lately, i have been thinking about what music means to me. i play in a band and hope to be famous and have people listen to what i have to say. but, when i listen to "grace" and "sketches" it all does not matter. jeff is everything that i would love to be. i cannot stand to think that i won't be able to hear his beautiful voice live like i did in 1994. he created a whole new world for me and re-instated my faith in a world that at times is pointless and confusing. i hope that someday i can be half the person jeff was and for those of you that haven't heard "sketches" yet, you will cry and he will force you into dreaming thoughts of what life means to you. so, if he is hovering above me watching me type these words, i hope he is smiling.... i miss u terribly.... thanks mw

Neil Buckley
A note...a couple of shapes didn't take much before I realised the importance of Jeff... He played here in Ireland and the local indie station recorded his road version of Eternal Life and I was blown away.... God save his soul and may he play with those who appreciate it as God intended. Angels hold our future in their hands. From the Irish Moorheads and Buckleys, Live the life you want and sing the song of your life, Neil your cousin and friend.

Almost a year has passed. I am still troubled by the fact that he is gone. I have received a copy of "Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk" It is an amazing piece of work. Included in the liner notes is a beautiful message from Jeff's mother. As painful as it was for her, I am thankful that she compiled these songs for all of us to enjoy & cherish. Jeff had a talent like no other. His music has touched us all so deeply. He will live on through his lyrics forever. He lives on in each of us. Never let him go.

Jane Draper
Dear Jeff, The world is a sadder place. I will miss your music. This is now `my last goodbye`.


Four years. Four years turning in my head phrases and songs, four years of blissful moments, from grey days to pregnant nights, laying on the ground, listening to GRACE, with the noises of the night, unforgettable with phrases like "We walked around till the moon got full like a plate". Nearly one year of gloom at listening that same album, and thinking that i'll never get the chance to see him live to catch a glimpse of his aura. His voice has enlightened my beginning adulthood among universitarians crops. Many times he made me cry, cries of joy and sadness. I will bear his songs close to my heart, near the little scar he left. I'm sorry not to be able to write correctly what I feel, but you can't clearly explain the things you love, most of all in a foreign language. Forever in my heart, Frederique Marmol, rue roland cazard, 46100 figeac, france


You know what it is like to drink a really fine bottle of red wine. Well that's what hearing Jeff is like. Another angel is some faraway beatific choir.

I sat inside the darkness of my heart and there, in the silence, a minstrel called to me, an angel with the melodies of heaven that wept down from the sky in golden chariots of a passion that I thought that I was insane to feel. Consumed by a depth of feelings, I thought I walked the world alone and forgotten, until I heard his voice scream out the emotions that lay locked inside. Nothing I can ever say or write will ever explain the way I felt when I first heard Jeff. To him was given the 'Grace' that dwells in silent beautiful gasps that strike us all with a depth of wonder. A toast then to the warrior of the soul, To the one who was set free to cherish, floating above a blind and stumbling world, to you is given the true power of love and the courage to follow your heart, to you, Jeff, Thank you for giving words to the raw passion that floods the heart in the darkness of night...... To you my vagabond, heaven has returned you to your rightful place, where you can smile with the sun and laugh at the moon, dancing above us in delighted wonder. Thank you my minstrel..... Thank you.

Ever since Jeff came on the scene here in NYC it's been very interesting. He just reminded me that life turns on a dime and things of beauty don't last in this world. Things of beauty are to be enjoyed in the moment, so be in the moment, because you might not get another chance to enjoy or appreciate or create it. We all miss you Jeff, it's been so hard to let go, whether we were related to you or not, whether we knew you intimately or little while or just met or saw you one day. I just hope to dance with the muse as well as you could and come up with something just as substantial.


All my blood for the sweetness of your Laughter

I didn't know you at all, Jeff.
Listening to your voice now,
I am amazed with every soaring note.
All too often, I am left with a cold space inside of me,
A space that should be filled with your music for so many more years.
I didn't know you at all.
Not until long after it made no difference.
I hear your words, your voice,
your music, and I am ashamed. Ashamed that I didn't know of you until now.
Now that it's too late.
I didn't know you at all,
and now all am left with is an echo of your voice.
It will have to do, but I know it won't.
I miss you, and I never knew you at all.

Somewhere around May 30th, 1997,I first heard about Jeff having disappeared in to the Mississippi river in the middle of a beach party. This I only heard since there was only ONE paper around where I live that actually included an article about it, and this of course was not the paper available at my house. The strange thing is that I said something like: "oh,well, you win some and you lose some.." or some other stupid comment. By then, I had worshipped 'Grace' for about a year and was starting to think that JB was the only true artist of the 80's and 90's. Still, I found myself quite indifferent to the fact that Jeff was actually missing for one and a half days. Some days later I got the confirmation of his death, but still I couldn't really feel anything. Part of the reason for this is probably that I've always despised the "disoriented-suffering-teenager- who-oh-so-heavily-grieves-a-dead-rockstar" type, so I thought that I would not become one myself. During the eleven months that have passed since his death, I have gradually grown in to a phase where he and his music is my life, my all. The yet passed part of '98 has for me been a wait, full with mixed emotions, for his new album to be released. And here it is now. I've owned it for 3 days and I worship it already. No one has affected me like Jeff. Could I choose catch a glimpse of one single person it'd be him. Could I choose to meet one single person it'd be him. Had I the choice of only having written one song in my life it'd be any of his. Jeff - you'll never know your impact on my life... I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive you for leaving us all behind, dissatisfied, wondering and crying. You were So Real, man.


I first recall hearing his melancholy voice for the first time and fell in love with him and his music. From then on he became my favorite male singer. Jeff I love you and we all miss you, but your voice is still in our hearts. For there are never any Last Goodbyes. Kutox

Joe Horak
I don't know. I'm not a poet like the others who contributed their thoughts and memories, nor will I ever come close to my mind and soul the way you did. I spent weeks combing through the net looking for little tidbits of information about you just to try to get a little closer to the gift you had. There was an eloquence in your voice that I will never hear again. It haunts me every day that it is just an echo of what you once created, and that we will never be blessed with your words or music again. I heard of your death from friends who knew how great an admirer of your work I was. I refused to accept it hoping it would be a hoax, that you were trying to escape the rockstar life in some fairytale way. The sound of your guitar has always been enough to soothe my mind and soul when it bleeds from the scrapes of life. Your voice always brought a peace to me that I could not find in any other artist's work. I had never shed a tear to music before hearing you, and to this day I have not cried to any other's music but yours. I await hearing your work that has been hidden from us for so long. Thank you, Jeff. You are the tear that hangs inside our souls forever. Love always. Joe Horak


When I first heard Jeff Buckley on Triple-J radio in 1995, I had a feeling of profound recognition. I felt such joy at the prospect of 'growing old' with Jeff's music (he is 3 years older than me). "I miss my beautiful friend"

Listening to jeff, his amazing voice and his heavenly guitar play......I don't know what is happening to me...I think this is what an angel must sound like when we are welcomed at heavens gate....I've seen him live in Paradiso -Amsterdam the most beautiful and intense gig I've ever been to...With tears in my eyes I listened to Halleluja....he was standing there in his shirt only a few passes away from me....yet he looked like he was miles away ( well maybe it's because of shops????) Though it didn't really looked like it... With this picture in my head of him with his eyes closed singing Halleluja.......I say goodbye... my last goodbye.... love to everyone Annemarie

Kali Nichta
I had two dreams about Jeff last night. He was so beautiful in both. We were friends he called me "baby." In one, i died instead of him. It was beautiful in a scary way. My heart is still struck every time I see his face...


i find it hard to explain in words what you do for me jeff, each night as I drift of to sleep to the sound of your sweet voice it makes me sadder & sadder when I think that I never got to meet you or hear you perform live, But maybe some day some place far away from here, that sadness may be quenched. Jeff, I love you. You gave me more to live for more than you'll ever Know




We had the pleasure of him for a short time only, such a depth of feeling and a huge capacity for love, if I was God I'd want him back quickly too. Learn from him and move forward in love and light.

Penny Mandylaris
Dearest Jeff,

What can I say - your angelic voice and presence was beyond the realm of this world. You graced us for such a short time but left behind brilliance. Your music was something so fresh and full of spirit. Your sincerity and love penetrated through. I know that you are gone to a place where angels sing and I only wished that I could have told you this face to face.

All my love,

Edward Caudwell
When bought my copy of 'Grace' in Feb. 1997 I was well aware my life had changed (as a musician at the very least) I hadn't aimed very high because I had seen what little effort it took to make 'acceptable' music but on hearing 'Grace' I knew there was a reason to play guitar well and not settle for anything but my best because it was possile to make the music playing in my head real because I had just heard Jeff playing that music and singing those words.

Jeff,you were a real inspiration to this young guitarist.
Edward Caudwell - May 25th 5:35pm 1998

oh man, what a loss to modern music, and therefore keep up the good work & spread the gospel of jeff buckley´s work ...


He is the most talented vocalist and one of the best guitarists that I have ever heard. Stuff on "Grace" is so nice, it almost makes me cry. It is a terrible loss he had to die.


I am so pleased that so many of you are so eloquent in your writings, though I am not surprised. I have a much more difficult time describing my feelings for Jeff and his music. I can say this however, I know and share all of what you feel. I really believe that each one of us have truly been touched by something special, something that doesn't happen every day, or to everyone. Haven't you tried to convey your feelings of Jeff to a friend who just doesn't "get" it? Haven't you sat there frustrated because someone, someone even very close to you doesn't feel the same way? Our lives were obviously uniquely blessed. I feel as though I have finally been able to confirm the fact that he IS as absolutely wonderful as I think he is, that you all have helped validate that for me. I also believe in a very strange way that I am in love with him. How else can you categortize your feelings for someone who has made you feel the way Jeff has made us feel? It's completely indescribable, other than to say you love him with everything you are made of. Sketches both delights and saddens me. I'm so afraid that this is the very last work we'll have to hold on to. Can someone tell me why this person has had such a profound effect on all of us? I honestly can't understand it, and I feel as though I have no control over it. I feel such a loss.

Nathan Hill
Was it your time,
Or was it pure fate?
Could the death be stopped,
Of something so great?
In my wildest dreams,
I knew you.
In harsh reality,
You are not real.
A ghost upon my ears,
Twilights fearless sound,
With a voice from above
and a body underground.

Ben Stokes

Well yes. I've just finished reading all the tributes on this page and found them all deeply moving and thoughtful. There is not really much I can add/say, but I will say we all will miss Jeff and his music. He had such a wonderful talent in singing and songwriting, but now it is lost, gone for ever. Why did this happen? Why? I live in Hobart Tasmania. Jeff's music is not all that well known down here which is a great pity because it menas that not many people here in Tassie will ever hear of his greatness. thank you

I woke up this morning... a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney Australia... and remembered what happened one year ago. That day was not sunny, it was cold and lonely and I cried when I heard that Jeff Buckley was missing. Today I went into town and bought "sketches..". Thank you for this final gift Mary. And thank you to all the other fans out there for taking away that inital loneliness I felt when he disappeared, I know I am not alone in my sadness at this great loss.

Darling Jeff,

I remember hearing your voice for the first time. I heard you singing "Last Goodbye" and ran to the TV curious as to whom the angelic voice belonged to and there you were in the video. When I bought Grace, I knew I had found true music, true poetry. I listened (and still do) to that album nearly every night, thru the worst and best times of my life.

Sadly, I never got to see you live and I never wrote you the letters that I had intended. I just kept saying, "Tomorrow, tomorrow I will write him." The tomorrows passed and then so did you. I found out about your disappearance merely by chance. Then I asked you to send me a sign if you were no longer alive (dead cannot be used because he is not dead) and I soon got that sign. I regret not being able to have seen you live, for not writing you and expressing the love I had (and still have) for you, but nothing could be worse than if I had never heard your music. You were and will always remain a most beautiful soul. This pain will never heal and the sorrow shall never take leave of my heart.
I miss you Jeff.

Love for eternity,

What can anyone say.....thanks for the vibe you gave us....we miss you.

What an artist. What a tragedy! I never got much of an opportunity to be a huge fan, but I was celebrating my birthday when I heard the news of his death... It reminded me how much I loved "Last Goodbye", the little known and little played ballad that would occasionally hit airplay in the radio market where I live (not my fault...)

Later that night, I went to sleep still singing and humming the words to "Last Goodbye". It has been with me ever since, and will always remain, as will his memory since we now share a bit of my birthday.

This year I'm going to backtrack and pick up the CD's as a birthday present to myself, and in honor of Jeff. To me it is strange to have this kind of connection to an artist that I never listened to except on the radio... but I guess that's part of the magic of music.

I saw Jeff not as a god, but as a truly angsting musician, who wanted nothing more than to love everyone, and play music. His fandom got out of his control, yet he still spoke from the heart, never lost sight of what he wanted or where he was going. For that, for not forgetting us, those who wanted to hear his melodic voice, he has my eternal respect. Take care ol' fella, wherever you are.

Paul Nicholson
I am yet another who did not know you. I can simply say your music makes me cry. Jeff Buckley, truly a tragic hero.

A. Nonnie Mouse

I don't really know what to say, I just felt like paying my own little tribute. For me Jeff Buckley's music was a source of comfort at a difficult time and it continues to bring joy into my life even now at happier times. I'm so glad that I have the chance to hear more of his beautiful music through Sketches. No music has ever touched me like his music...


as a year passes, i still wonder why someone so beautiful had to be taken away. his music will remain forever, rich, dark ,sweet music. music that is so indescribly beautiful. that can never be taken away...

'i love you, but i'm afraid to love you'
jeff made me come to the realisation that i don't have to ever be afraid...


Still a year later and still i try to find the possibilities that may have saved him, it was never meant to be this way but then again I suppose it was. Only his music can draw the emotions I have for him. You moved my soul and made me feel warm when even a whisper of you was mentioned, only the angels above are graced with your presence now. One day we will all be together again, Jeff, but for now you remain through the echo of my being, you remain in everything I feel.

"you gave me more to live for more than you'll ever know"
I'll love you for eternity Jeff love forever ingrid

Beo Lee Walker
this is my personal tribute to Jeff...

Memphis moon gone too soon
on an ordinary pale Memphis moon
River cry for me
and carry my silent tears to the sea...

I'm workin' on a song for Jeff. I'm still addicted to his music! Especially to GRACE. The new album contains some good tracks like: The sky is a landfill, You & I, Satisfied mind...

Hope somebody will mail me. I'm a student from Germany.

Bye, Beo

Wendy VK
Perhaps people such as Jeff are taken early from this world because we're not ready for someone who can express such pureness of emotion and unabashed honesty, yet sing it in the loveliest voice you've ever heard. I feel such a loss, knowing that I will never experience any more than what Jeff left us with, knowing that his voice and presence are out of reach. I've been struggling with the grief that I feel for a year now, but as I finally try to put it to words I feel so foolish. Here I am, talking about my loss and my sorrow, yet I only knew his music! I think about his family and friends, and I realize that their grief is indescribably deeper than what this girl is experiencing. My heart goes out to those who loved, and were loved by Jeff. He will forever be a part of them. As for me, instead of listening to his music with tears in my eyes, I am trying to embrace his music, thankful that he shared himself with the world.

Wendy VK

"ANDEEL" - taken from Natacha Atlas's CD Halim "As intoxicating as full bodied wine As essential as the blood that runs through my veins Immeasurable as eternity Your face is a door to a memory locked away in the tombs of time Your eyes are the candle in the secret temple of my mind Your voice stirs the patina of emotions that lie in another world You are the mad wise fool Who listens to his ancient spirit Whispering words to forgotten songs And in my dream you appeared As a miasma of light in the darkness To re-awaken my heart as if by alchemy From that deepest of sleeps And I have risen to claim you." This was Jeff for me. He is in my soul for eternity.

There's nothing more to say.... Words are just not enough when it comes to express my feelings for the loss of THE musical genius of this century. I will will soon get up a page for you, just because I need it. To be in touch with you everyday. A friend of mine and me played a little concert for you here in Oslo a coupple of days ago. Hope you heard it. My world will never be the same without you. You're the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.....

Dear Jeff,
We'll always remember you! Your music touched our souls, and gave us life. We love you. You were the most beautiful person to grace us with your talent, and love. Your music will live on forever, and will always bring hope to everyone. We'll miss you always. I love you.

Love always,

P.S. This isn't our last goodbye, I'll see you in my dreams. Love Always!!!

Nicola Sexton
To a man who has inspired the best and the worst in me.

The sun although the same,
we see at different times,

The stars upon which i gaze
for you have long since gone,

The horizon keeps our distance
just like the vast dry land

The ocean strives to separate
but still I feel near you

We are but two worlds apart
Yet we breathe in time

jeff buckley gave me a whole new reason to appreciate music when i thought i heard it all. his unique style will be missed, as well as those screaching high notes that only he could hit. he will always live through his music as well as fans thoughts.

Susie Chivers
I read something once by the poet Rumi:
'When love first tasted the lips of being human, It started singing'

I bet it sounded just like Jeff Buckley.


Emma Butterworth

All I can say was that he had the voice of an Angel.

I was put on to Grace by a friend and it wasn't until a few listens that I realised what a musical genius Jeff was and his songs are just magical. I would just like to pay my respects to you Jeff as your death is a fall from GRACE and the world has really lost a great musician.

Some dutch journalist said in an article that his talent was too big for this world. That's why God took him from us. I guess the journalist was right. The first song I heard was Last Goodbye and I heard it two weeks after Jeff Buckley died. Ever since that night I regret to never have seen him singing live.

We all mourn the loss of this wonderfully talented and creative artist and poet. It is unfortunate that this enraptured gentleman was taken away, seemingly before his time, but our hands do not decide fate. His haunting lyrics and marvelous music will be our companions without his physical presence, but he is inside it all. His singing ability and vocal range on "Grace" shows his true capabilities and passion and his sense of humor and playfulness is felt in "Sketches." He will be truly missed and loved. We are lucky to have been touched by such wonderful splendor such as Jeff Buckley and afforded the opportunity to savor his "grace."

Matt Pinder
Will we ever learn to express our emotions as you have through your writings. I hope and believe that some of us will. However, his sweeping melodies will remain crystal clear in my mind. Being a musician myself, he has been a influencial marker of musical achievment in my life. **Thanks for the good vibes**

It feels weird that your voice should still be here with us while you're so far away. Thank you for letting me learn what Grace means. Thank you for giving away so much of your soul to the world. Keep singing wherever you may be cause I'm sure we can still hear you humming softly in the wind.

Anne Sophie
I just want to say, thank you Jeff for your music I hope you are fine there ... and I miss you ( sorry for my english, I am french)


Jeff Buckley was a man who has made me feel like I have never felt before. No other singer has ever made an impact like Jeff did when I first heard his album. After the sad death of this wonderful man, we must remember him always, and the way he made us feel.

mark c.
I remember when I was running my college radio station we used to get in so much music that alot passed me by sometimes. Grace was an album I remember seeing coming in the mail, but one I never got to check out right away. A year later I saw Jeff perform "Grace" live on 120 minutes and I basically cried to be honest. His emotion and passion brought me to tears. I cried watching him sing and release everything from within him. I feel his songs to me are too precious to be considered typical "music" or a typical "new release" by an artist. This type of music is a rare gift. It doesn't come very often and I doubt I might ever come in contact with anything like Jeff's music again. PS if anyone has info on the location of his burial I would love to pay my respects, I wasn't able to make it to the offical ceremony last year in NYC. Thank you and I'm glad you all enjoy Jeff's music as much as I do.

Heidi Wurmann
I put on Jeff's new CD's last night. It surprised me at how much his death still affects me. maybe because when I hear his music all I think about is life - vibrant, rich, full life. He was so human and he had the gift of allowing all of us, as listeners, to realize our own humanity. To realize that all of our pain, joy, love, and hate were beautiful and part of that wonderful thing that is life. It seems strange to be talking so dramatically about someone whose only connection to me is through music. However, that connection is strong and always will be there. I will forever miss the living breathing man - and mourn the missed potential - but I will never be without his music. Remember always that our flesh is so nice!! Carpe Diem - and never forget the voice.

Jonas Villumsen

You were our light of life, in the night of death. R.I.P

Ann-Kristin Novaro
We came to you to learn the pleasure of life and the pleasure of art. Perhaps you were chosen to teach us something more beautiful, - the meaning of sorrow and it´s beauty.

it's been a hard year and i attribute that fact to the passing of jeff. i feel comfort in others similar sentiment about losing such a wonder. jeff possessed something that was supernaturally spiritual. i was at a U2 concert when bono sang a song to jeff and it was then i knew he was gone. time stopped at that moment... that moment i realized he was gone....i can't describe his soulfulness to people who don't see it. i relate my passion about jeff to a theory about the existence of angels. the theory says that only particular people can see angels...people who love in a certain way..i can't be so self-absorbed to think i'm special, but i do think i am gifted in that i get to see and hear an angel.

Terence LeClere
Jeff Buckley is to me the definition of a limitless artist. As an actor, I strive to achieve the openness and emotional nakedness his music encompasses. But these are only words... My real tribute to his life and his work would be to portray him in the story of his life, to use my whole being to tell his story and show what a incredible human he was.


Ah Jeff!! What an impact you gave me. I remember coming home on the train from work (having the worst day mind you) and i put the radio on and heard "Last Goodbye". I felt like someone had just thrown cold water over me and woke up to REAL music. Never had a voice, lyrics or music moved me as much as this did. All your albumns were like that and there has never been others that were even close. You were the first and last artist that i could call "My Favourite".

You gave us something that will be treasured forever.
You are the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.....

So for now we will Merry Part till we Merry Meet again.

Nicole Joyce

"Time takes care of the wound, so I can believe." I certainly hope Jeff is right. I can never imagine coming to terms with Jeff's death. I am so sad that I came to love Jeff after his death, but so happy that I did fall in love with him. I say him because his music seems so personal and so, him. I still cry and shiver when I listen to "Grace" even though I've heard it a million times. It's the most powerful music I've ever listened to. I just want to say don't let Jeff die. Keep him alive every time you play his music. "There's no easy answer, none to blame or forgive"

i think jeff's the greatest singer, his songs are beautiful , he's beautiful and his lyrics are so great that i almost can't believe that someone wrote this. . . he's a genius i couldn't be more sorry that he died so soon but what they say is true: good men die first i hope a lot of you people out there keep his memory alive like i do never forget him it's never over, he's the tear that hangs in our souls forever

Harm Peter

I was rather late to discover the beauty of Jeff's music. A friend gave me the album 'Grace' saying 'this might interest you'. It did. It's haunting beauty still drives me crazy from time to time. I've seen Jeff only once, in 1995 in Nighttown, Rotterdam. Something I will never forget. Thanks Jeff.

eternal angel
Well, I dont really know what to say Jeff inspired me to do things I wouldn't normally do, he showed that it didn't matter what people thought of you all that mattered was that you enjoyed doing it. I am trying to get a petition together to get the clip to SO REAL played in Australia on either RAGE or RECOVERY because the majority of the Australian fans have not seen it. All I am asking is for you to send me your name, email address and a reason as to why you want to see the clip. Even if you arent Aussie email it to me anyway because I need as many as possible. Anyways Jeff will always be my eternal angel.

Natasha Coger
This is more like a thank you than a tribute. I'm writing my first novel and I would like to thank Jeff for helping me get motivated. Sometimes I want to toss my book to the wind, but all I have to do is put on Jeff, and then I'm back in the mix. I thank you for your angelic voice, Jeff.Of course I wish that you were alive today, but I did gain one thing from your death your extreme talent. My father died six months ago, your music helps to soothe my soul.

I dream about Jeff most everytime I close my eyes. He has seeped inside of my soul. I heard about his death a few days after he'd died, I had had no idea who he was. I came home from my father's funeral in January, I turned on the television, and there was Jeff in all of his magical glory.He sounded fantastic, but still, I put him out of my mind. May rolled around, and I couldn't help myself, I purchased Grace. That CD did so many things to me. It made me happy, sad, I don't know. When I bought My Sweetheart the drunk, I really realized that an angel was gone. In my dream, Jeff took my hand and we flew off into the night, he wanted to show me the world. For some reason, he's wearing a red rose pinned to his jacket. In another dream, I saw Inga and Jeff standing together. Inga was my friend, she drowned on her sixteenth birthday back in 95. You are the true meaning of Eternal life, Jeff. Though your feet will never walk across this earth again, you will never be gone from us.

Dear Jeff, your music reminds me of the joy of living and the happiness of being alive and breathing. Your life being so short reminds me of the uniqueness and perishableness of everything that is living today. Thus both your music and your unfortunate death makes me want to live more, better and bravely. Thank you for the music that praises life with such agonizing and intoxicating beauty. I love to dive in your music.

There is so much to say -
So much that will have to go unheard.
I can't say much - because I have just recently discovered Jeff Buckley.
But, he would write and sing what he felt, and what he believed -
There will never be anyone else to take his place -
He must be smiling down on all of his fans still hearing, singing, praying, and thinking of him.
"Just hear this,
Then I'll go.....
You gave me more to live for -
More than you'll ever know"

To the greatest singer/songwriter there ever lived, To one whose life was short, but meaning to both his fans, and hopefully for himself.

In risk of ruining a good thing...... Jeff, Everybody here misses you...


Jeff was a mind blowing musician and poet. His lyrics weren't the cheesey mainstream words like todays latest fads in music. I wish that he would have gotten the recognition that he deserved. When Tupac and N. BIG died they had their music and lives plastered on Mtv everywhere and I believe that Jeff deserved the same if not more. He wrote from the heart and I cherish words.

Jeff has had a profound effect on my life and his music will live in my heart and soul forever. 1995 was the hardest year I hope to ever endure. I went to Tucson for my Uncle's funeral and the day I returned to Chicago, I saw Jeff play at the Metro. (Now, I can appreciate how fortunate I was to see him live and only a few rows away from me) Even then, I compared him to a living angel, an angel who left me standing in tears. His physical presence made my heart race because we all know that he was not only a talented musician, but a very beautiful man! Grace quickly became a classic within my CD collection.

I remember where I was when the local radio station announced his dissapearance in the Mississippi. My husband is a drummer in Chicago, so I was on my way to his concert. Just before his band went on the stage, I pulled the four of them aside to tell them the news of their mentour. They went from excited to play to absolute silence. We dedicated each song to him. Jeff, the musicians of the world miss you.

I just bought "Sketches" and I've never felt like this about a musician other than my husband. You would think this man were my brother, or lover because I feel such a personal loss. With my husband in the music industry, we tend to get rather discusted with the whole scene. There is so much (pardon me, but) CRAP out there. When we first heard Jeff Buckley on "Modern Rock Live" back in 1994, we couldn't stop talking, promoting, craving his talent. Jeff, the people of the world miss you.

I spent the last week visiting various web sites to see any photos, lyrics, videos and news. I need more! Are there any videos of his live works as well as MTV videos to buy? Watching him sing, watching his passion.... it goes hand in hand. Jeff, the women of the world miss you....

Jeff, I miss you. Please keep visiting me in my dreams.... they're really nice.


I loved him, I love him, and miss him terribly... It still hurts me, and I'm sure countless others, to realize that he's gone, and all the anticipation of what was to come of such a beautiful person. I have nothing but love and gratitude towards his mother, for providing us with still more of his music, the strength and care that it took for her to put together "Sketches..." receives my most reverent thanks. It has been a comfort and consolation to me, a pillow to hold and cry against. As cliche as it is, a part of him is still alive in all of hold him close.

David Briggs
The Wolf River indeed shattered alot of lives on that fateful day, and we all lost a truly gifted human being. Jeff was right when he said "I shouldn't be famous, the person who invents the cure for cancer should be famous." But how could such a voice of unequaled elegance, beauty, and passion have gone unoticed, in a world that is so harsh and cold. We should all be thankful that his powerful music is still with us, for it is nothing short of a miracle.

Yuko Ishii
i'm a poet, so dedicated to jeff.


the door of luxury. life is beautiful. in the light i'll see you. don't deride what i do. angel's form disappearing. i cry for myself. you barking is great. peeled off the boiling atoms, i must brush through the rude pageant. bulmy nymphs are dead. all we were hungry for genuine affection. it's a fever that flowing slowly to the end. not a rebel to love will i spare. walk with me the way to heaven. i will die for you without any hesitation. so let me feel your last suggestion. he turn away from love and draw a deep nightmare. all kinds of ashes are coming down on his sweaty brow. he's a disillusion. he says, thank you for inviting me, i'm sure to entertain you with my imaginations. my joke is corny, but my way of talking is attractive. yeah, call me verge, coz i'm on the verge of self-destruction all the time. i came to appreciate your existence as time went by. your torment turned into mine. your object turned into mine. your past turned into mine. your saint turned into mine. so let me feel your last suggestion. let me feel your last suggestion.....

P.S. i'm looking for Inger Lorre. she's a singer and played in the band named the NYMPHS 6,7 years ago. Jeff & Inger played together one song in album titled kerouac-kicks joy darkness (a spoken word tribute with music). i wanna contact her! please tell me any kind of information about her if you know. E-mail me for further information, contact.
i just discovered the music of jeff buckley about a year ago and i'll never be the same! he is teaching me,through his music, how to live and love with my heart & soul again.

someone asked me once "what is the first thing you are going to do when you go to Heaven?" i'm going to find jeff buckley and take a front row seat!!!

Jesse Wilson
Dear Jeff The world is a sadder place without you. What more can I say. I guess this is really my 'last goodbye'

We'll miss ya !


Jeff Buckley rules my world. Last Goodbye is the single most incredibly amazing song ever ever written and if Jeff Buckley was still with us I would marry him!Unfortunately I don't have an email address (I am on a friend's pc) but I wanted to tell everyone how much Jeff Buckley's music has changed my life.

Well, i've just finished reading all these heart breaking tributes. Wow, its like re-opening the wound all over again. I feel like everything's already been said but I still feel the need to write something myself. I dont think I can be as poetic as many of the people have been and, you know, what can I say? I loved him. I still do - its as simple as that. But I'm just still so angry. Sometimes, I'm just lying awake in bed, looking out the window at the moon, and I just want to scream. I feel so helpless - and stupid. I didnt know him, I never saw him live, I guess some people wonder how someone you've never been in contact with can have such a profound effect on your life. Jeff's also visited me in my dreams - they're always lovely - thank you Jeff. At least we still have 'Grace' to hold on to and sometimes, when I'm listening to Mojo Pin in the dark, with my eyes closed, I feel like I'm sitting on a magic carpet riding the waves of his voice - its just so soft and sensual. I guess you guys know what I mean. Also, once I read this and it's sort of nice to think about it - sometimes it makes me feel better. I was reading somewhere that a guy thought that God must have wanted another angel to join his choir. He envisaged Jeff up there in the clouds jamming with the people he belonged with - Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and other greats - you know, just enjoying himself. The three J's! Jeff, i love you - so many people do. We miss you. Thank you for giving us what you have - we'll always cherish it.
Love Natasha
xxx ooo

One of the greatest joys I've had is passing on to others Jeff's music. I play his songs,feel the emotions brimming over, and realize that it has to be shared with someone else. Those who really appreciate music are the ones who really love Jeff. Whenever I have a friend over, I play Jeff. When I'm in my car, I play Jeff. Jeff's music is a gift for us to hear and through his music he will always be alive for everyone to hear. Thank you Jeff.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

i'm sorry, but Mr. Buckley won't be appearing this evening, he's simply had too much god to drink. He's already left the building, so please don't pursue him, and stop brooding, he had nothing more than any of us. Passion and fear. A woman and a knife in all of our arsenals.


I remember the first time I heard Jeff Buckley I was instantly mesmorized. The album was "Grace" the singer's voice undescribable. Melodic cries turned in seconds to thunderous rock,like something inside the man was suddenly released.

His talent not only in voice, but in song writing. Words written that were drawn from the depths and inner most of the heart,words that meant so much. Jeff took you with him everytime you listened to his music.

On a roller coaster ride of emotion and pure tranquility. His music had awesome and individual style... as the man himself once said..."It is 'Jeff Music!'

He sang with compassion and he sang of love. He sang straight from the heart, he sang of life and he sang of true reality And that's how he died. As he lay calmly on his back in the Mississipi river, fully clothed, he sang.

The ocean took with it that night an awesome young talent. A talent that had only just begun, a talent that had so much more to give. A talent that I feel... I know will never be replaced. Jeff is now forever,

"Asleep in the sand with the ocean
washing over"
I still listen to Grace all the time.It is an album that has been and will always be one of my most prized possesions. Jeff's death hit me. I never saw him live. I had the chance... I said next time!! Now all I have is his music and his memory. My collection of Jeff's music and my passion for Jeff is known by all around me. His talent will never fade in my eyes he gave so much but took so little in return. I mourn his death, but rejoice in what he gave. God Bless you Jeff!

jorge portela

Jeff`s hallelujah ....

.... really no words can describe the feelings and emotions he made, make and will make me experiment when i listen this piece of heaven

Ian Flett

I was fortunate enough to hear and see him live. That night i will never forget. His voice,i will never forget. I believe it is only once in a lifetime that someone so special comes around, if someone else ever comes into my heart and touches it like he has then this world will be totally sublime. I wonder what would it would be like if he was still here with us, what musical diamonds he would create, but i can only remain in this reality that i have and continue to love the artwork that he has created while he was alive.

I heard the voice before I saw the man.

I heard the music saw the face and fell in love. The face is gone but the music lives on God Bless where ever you are

Tarik Mikou
Jeff Buckley will always spirits of the real fans of the voice ...the emotions. He wasn't a musician or a singer, he is music. I know it may sound silly to people not knowing his work too well,...but it makes you bleed if you let it. It's beauty in so many ways putting you in altered state of nothing can. We all leave this life but music (art like forms) keep the faded alive.....his songs eternal life.


Morgan Smith
Jeff Buckley's music has changed many feelings/emotions that churned inside of me throughout the years. His passing was a great loss towards the music industry. When I first listened to "Grace" it drew feelings from deep within to the surface. Jeff played notes that I only thought existed in some distant fantasy. Jeff Buckley will be missed dearly, not only by myself but by many other true Jeff Buckley fans.

...:::< m s >:::...

lisa and paula

you sang to us in manchester and leeds, you have coloured our souls and for that we love and miss you..... all our mad love and sweet dreams.

I just want to say how much I loved Jeff Buckley and that I really miss the utterly brilliant music produced by him.

eric simonnet
listening to your voice, your silences and your weird noises full of life, i remember that day when you flew over me like an angel in the olympia theater in Paris. That day belongs to me forever. Your golden suit shines like thousands of suns. i miss you so much. Eric

Ori Lluch
Well, I'm a catalan boy (Barcelona). I express my excuse for my poor english, thenn I will do my Tribute for him in my language:

Acostumo a tenir mala sort, m'agrada molt la musica, i la majoria de cantants o grups que aprecio realment (que son pocs!), o son molt vells, s'han separat dels seus grups o desgraciadament han mort. Com Jim Morrison o Kurt Cobain, com The Cult o The Stone Roses, com Iggy Pop o Tom Waits.

Ara, tu (Jeff) tampoc hi ets. Però almenys ens vas obsequiar amb un dels millors discos de la dècada, sense cap mena de dubte, "Grace" es una perla dintre dels discos de musica que s'han fet recentment. La teva mort em va colpir enormement, perque amb tu havia trobat, per fi quelcom de nou, i de bell, que des de feia molt de temps anhelava (Al·leluia!!!), però que tan rapidament com et vaig trobar, tambe et vaig perdre, sense haver tingut la oportunitat de coneixe't una mica mes. Si abans al·ludia en Morrison, es perque d'ell tot el que n'he pogut saber ha estat molts anys despres de la seva mort, pero amb tu, que he estat coetani teu, podria haver viscut i SENTIT molt mes, pel simple fet d'haver viscut als mateixos temps...

No se si aixo es un tribut. No se tampoc si aixo ho llegira algu, si algun catala ho fa, que ho entengui només com un simple reconeixament a la petita obra d'en Jeff, per part d'algu que realment n'havia quedat captivat.



Life is eternal. I received my first and only Jeff Buckley CD(Sketches) in the most incredible way. My best friend died 4 years ago at the age of 35, also in May. On the morning of May 27th, 1998, My husband mentioned that he had talked to a friend we hadn't mentioned in a long time, his last name was Buckley. As soon as I heard him say the name, I felt something (unable to explain). Later that morning at work I grabbed a section of the paper (Wash Post-Style) and went upstairs to have lunch. This was sort of unusual because most days I skip reading the paper, but on that day I did read it and as I turned to the Arts page, there was an article under recordings "Jeff Buckley's Last Takes" and a beautiful picture of Jeff Buckley, which looked very similar to my husband's friend and as I looked at the name "Buckley", I remembered the feeling from the morning. I had never heard of Jeff Buckley before but the review of "Sketches (For My Sweetheart the Drunk)" sounded very interesting, especially since I'm a Zeppelin/Plant fan. Also interesting and very sad was the story of his death a year ago on May 29th (which is my husband's birthday). I was so struck by all of this that I went out and got the CD a few days later on my birthday (May 30th). That night when I played it, in the begining I thought the music and his voice were fantastic and I was glad I had picked it up to add to our collection. But as I listened closely to the lyrics I realized what was happening, why all these signals came to me. The lyrics described my relationship to the friend I had loved and lost -almost every song had something but my eyes are blue-grey, and my friend used to call them silver eyes-no one else had ever said that before. We shared a very special friendship which I can't describe here, but he stays with me in various supernatural ways that I see from time to time when I least expect it. An important part of our lives while my friend was alive was our birthdays- we'd always remember and this year it felt as though he reached and touched me from the otherside. Jeff Buckley was incredible as a musician and a writer. I still can't imagine how I had never heard of him before his death. His last CD will be one of my favorites forever!

april onstad
his voice came to me on a cool dark night and i was immediately entranced by the power of his beautiful, luring voice. i had never heard the voice of an angel until i listened to Grace. i wish more than anything to have been given the chance to thank him in person, but his destiny was greater.his voice carried me through sleepless nights, and the loss of a love. i will continue to scream your words while driving the car. i miss you.


Thank you beautiful angel. I will love you always. To me you are still alive everytime I hear your music, everytime someone sighs after listening to you and in every tear I cry for you. I hope you're happy where ever you are my friend.

mathieu simonson
Jeff, since the moment I've listened to you, i can't buy any record anymore. You were a sacerdos, more than the velvets, more than the doors, more than gainsbourg, more than nina simone, more than jacques brel, more than iggy pop, more than the smiths, my bloody valentine and all the rest...
I love you supremely man

Tu es la goutte qui pend à mon coeur pour toujours

Mathew Quinton
One of my lifes great regrets is to have never seen Jeff play live. I first heard Jeff in 1995 and was blown away by his amazing vocals. Listening to Jeff makes my life complete, I can't explain how his music makes me feel. I still can't beleive he is gone, such a brilliant performer and songwriter. I am using this tribute to say my "Last Goodbye". Jeff you will always be an inspiration to us all.

Steven J. Dermody
Jeff Buckley was a great example of the duality of man. Between "Your Flesh is so Nice" and "Lover You Should've Come Over", it's as if two different people performed them. Jeff's voice was, to mequite like paper. The reason I say that is that it seems very delicate and fragile, but his words cut through you like nothing else. His passing was a loss to the entire world, and I have pledged myself to carry on his legacy of spiritual beauty and fabulous, fabulous music.

Jeff is still as great as when he was alive. His cruel death can only be viewed as mindless and as we search for answers that may never come we must never let his music die as there can be no greater crime than to allow the music of someone so great to die with him. RIP Jeff "u gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know."

Helen O Flynn
my tribute is short. Jeff, I feel a love for you, one as if I have known you. Your music is my salvation every day. Your death was my tragedy.
Love always,

Joseph Campo
I am a 21 year old Aussie who loves music. Hearing and playing. I've never seen Jeff play live before, but the other week i saw some live takes on rage. It was soooooo wicked. I can work out any songs that comes on the radio with my guitar.Some might take longer than others. But with Jeffs songs i can only get bits here and there. I can say with confidence that he was the best and most original guitarists i have ever seen or heard. He is the guitarist i want to be.

Jeff Buckley will never die as long as people still listen to his music. Jeff's songs and music were a large part of him and anyone who listens to them knows that he put his heart and soul into them. Grace is Jeff Buckley, Last Goodbye is Jeff Buckley .......all of his music is him....just in a different form. Love his him. I think Jeff was looking for a world change He may not have got that but he certainly changed me .....which is all that matters in my eyes.
Jeff I love you

Siobhan Parr
I'd like to say that jeff was the greatest musician who ever lived. He had a beautiful voice. It's so fucking stupid he died.

Kamila Thmpson
Adding to the endless pages of loss and confusion I'll add my own selfish lament over your death. The angels ceased to strain their voices with song as yours left them bereft of all worth, the birds sit silent in the trees, afraid, still, to taint your ever present voice's wanderings. Let them all remain the quiet perchance we will hear you still, singing along to those secret chords for God himself. A much worthier audience.

Requiescat in peace.
you think: "i want to do that" "I want to give something like that to the world" so thats what i want to do jeff, this is adam again, sorry to bug you, but someone should know,

i guess i don't even need to say it

thanks, adam

what to say?

I've been listening to grace for a year now...

I just finally (after hours of practice and excersice) can sing "grace," i've quite proud of that. Jeff Buckley was the man. I would love to have a corspondance with any other singers who have tried to sing his songs.

grace was a perfect album. there aren't many perfect albums out there, but when you find one it's hard to let go and start listening to other music again.

Hugo Cruz
For me Jeff music is something great, something that i will never be able to explain. Every time i ear it it turns my mind around and means even more than the last time. i wish jeff was still with us but maybe he´s in a better place taking is music to another dimension. Thanks jeff, for your music, for all, Thanks

I first heard Buckley's Grace in early 1998. I was thrilled to know that true talent was out there. I was told moments later of his tragic death. As you can imagine, I was grief stricken. I honestly felt a pain in my heart. One of my few wishes is that he could have continued to produce more of his truly amazing music. I feel like I have lost a dear friend. My prayers to his family and friends.

blair dobson
this is a neat little sight. thank you for keeping dweebs from writing garbage and respecting what people have to say. it's nice to see a page that doesn't glorify his death but rather celebrate a life that touched so many others. i really don't know what else to say except that it's nice that other people feel the same loss. maybe he was an angel? i don't know, but a voice like that means there must be something out there. you can print this if you want but i just wanted to say thanks and you have a really neat sight.

o.k. so we can all remember the morning when we woke up and found out that jeff had gone to that better place. eternal life, maybe it was always on his trail. but somehow the way that he went was perfectly poetic. there are only 2 ways that you feel about him. you either never heard of him or you adored him. i remember opening the paper and seeeing a very small section that said he drowned in the mississippi and just crying my eyes out. jeff made it happen for a lot of us. i,m 25, gay and it was if he was talking straight to me. i didn't know him but i felt his pain. my boyfriend and i saw him in adelaide, australia and never before have i seen such a display of raw emotion. thankyou jeff, i still cry when i hear last goodbye, but at least we gave you that last goodbye.

It is true that in Europe foreign artists often find a way through to us by articles we read in magazines and ofcourse via open air festivals. My husband read about Jeff Buckley in the newspaper "Le Soir" he knows that the journalist who wrote the article has a good taste of music and is a serious source of information. That is how we got to know Jeff's unique voice and poetry. I often listen to Jeff when I am in a particular mood. They are moments when I am confused and find myself whith lots of unanswerable questions concerning this crazy world. It must be wonderful to have means of expressing oneself through art. It is very sad that he had to go. His voice is engraved in my soul.

Nick Southall
Music never dies...

Jeff was amazing.There will never be anyone who can sing as ethereal as he. Everytime I her "Lover..." my heart starts to swoon. Why the fuck did he have to leave......

Its a tragedy that such a dynamic and magical performer like Jeff had so much to give but yet lived such a short life.....may his songs live forever

J'ai entendu Jeff pour la première fois en 95, je pense que ça a été le premier choc muical de ma vie car tout ce que j'avais pu écouter avant m'a paru bien fade sur le moment. Encore aujourd'hui, je n'arrive pas a écouter autre chose, je n'arrive pas paser le cap. Ma grande frustration est de ne jamais avoir pu le voir en concert malgré de nombreuses occasions. Je pense qu'il faut écouter et ecouter encore sa musique pour se rendre compte de ce qu'un simple humain est capable de provoquer chez nous, il est un véritable message d'epérance à lui tout seul.
Je ne l'oublierai pas.

Simon Turner
Jeff reminded us all that a talent needs to be shared, anything else is a tragedy. His death is a great tragedy but by ensuring his works continue to be shared with his fans, his mother has averted another.

As a song writer Jeff made it so beautifully obvious the strength and power of music, and its ability to lift a spirit. When I feel down and wonder why I bother with writng and playing and all the hardwork of gigging, I listen to some of Jeff's music and that fire and determination come flooding back. To make a connection even remotely as profound as the connection Jeff so obviously made and continues to make with people would be reward enough for a lifetime of hard work.

Rest in peace Jeff Buckley

dear jeff,
spewin about the death thing, glad you left something behind for us, though we didnt know you, your powerful work will undoubtedly live longer than us. I have a video of you live somewhere amazing it still gives us goose bumps after the 100th time. the other night we went to a tea party gig {shellharbour.aust} during a song the band went into last goodbye, you would have been stoked. They pulled it off filth though i think we were the only people in the crowd that knew the song. "just another dead genius" {maynard}

I don't know you, I never touched you, and I'll never see you as you were. But you are inside me, as you are inside every one of us here. The words "I Love You" sound pale and weak, but they are the closest words that describe this ball of depression, happiness, tragedy, fear, hope, saviour and grace that survives insode my heart and mind.
thankyou for you, thankyou for what you did. Au Revoir, Mon Cherie

He's the best and still will be. His music still lives.

Cem Çeboglu
I know English, but having seen people tributing in their own language ...i am gonna do my part in turkish then...

Açikçasi 'Grace'i alali bir ay bile olmadi..ama gerçekten dinledigim en hazin seslerden birisi onunkisi ve sözler de cidden siir tadinda..insanalrin kendilerini öldürmek için çok farkli sebepleri olabilir, Jeff'in de yasamamak için muhakkak sebepleri vardi..belki bu sebepler müziginde ve sözlerde hissedilen hüzünle çok yakindan alakali..bilmiyorum..kirilgan ve güzel insanlarin bu kötü dünyada yasamasi kolay degil...nelerden ödün vererek yasadigimizi düsününce Jeff'in cesaretini alkislamak geliyor içimden...

I'm in no sentimental mood,not even a human one cos for the past 3 hours I've been watching this hidious computerscreen,here at the university, and I'm so computerized,that the only thing worth touching my soul should be His Buckliness, that is, all the coolest things he and the band did, and I'll never forget it, man, you're MY muse untill the Master says it's time for me to follow in your footsteps-until then love-Djuna

briana cortez
kelly cortez
jeff's songs and voice opened my soul it makes me feel alive the way he sings, I had never heard anyone use their voice in such a way . I play GRACE ALL THE TIME IT NEVER LEAVES MY CD PLAYER. His voice is magical I will miss him lots .

I love and miss Jeff as though I actually knew him. Sometimes, when I am listening to his music I can feel him with me It's as if he's here in the room with me, laughing and telling me about the inspirations for his songs, the moments turned into lyrics. When spreading some Nutella on a piece of toast, I could almost hear him musing about how much he misses chocolate...I express my admiration for him by turning as many people on to him as possible.

It seems that the good die before their time. Rarely does music really touch my heart and soul. Jeff Buckley's music penetrated something in me that moves me. His music is what pure poetry is. He sang from the depth of his soul that one sometimes never finds. He was beautiful and pure. His voice was something angelic. I hope he is remembered and discovered in the years to come.

Jeff Buckley was and is still the best! His mum is also a kind lady for answering my letter to her.

The voice of a bruised angel, the looks of a brooding James Dean, the charisma of a torutured John Lennon - Jeff Buckley, a true icon

weston mcwhorter
I remember a sweet sunny day in Santa Monica, CA. A friend of mine asked if I had heard of this new guy named Jeff Buckley. "No." I replied. I had no idea what i was about to experience. The first notes of "Hallelujah" soared into the summer breeze and just like that I was intoxicated. Drunk on the melodies of the man, the inspiration I had been searching for all my life. Since that day I have listened to Jeff, in one form or another, everyday. Searching, learning, crying, absorbing the essence of the only man I've ever known who could make love to the music he shared with all of us. He was and is the inspiration that drives me on in life and in songwriting. I encourage all who read this to go forth and spread the gospel of the man who has touched all of our lives. He will forever live in the bottoms of our wine glasses, Parisian sunrises, New York City cafes, & nights spent alone - longing. Brother, I never knew you, but your voice haunts me still. All my big love to you - my dream brother.

luke kordyl

a sad loss a bloody legend

A few sad words, from this one that is no more than dust compare to you, my love... You´ve leave too soon...didn´t say goodbye...and finally you realease yourself from this world in which you didn´t belong... is it posible to love somebody you don´t know...maybe it is...i feel like i´ve know you all my life.. good bye dream brother...the world is now, even more, a sad place.

It´s a pity to come over to left my tribute. I´m really sorry..........

Keegan Edward DeWitt
Being a songwriter and filmmaker, I have art in my blood, like so many others, like Jeff Buckley. Jeff was a special person and he touched me, like he has so many. Jeff is and will forevor be missed. I truly believe that Jeff was here for something special, to define independent music, the incredible art of the voice and the true spirit of the singer-songwriter. Jeff, I'm playing for you. I'm writing for you. I'm continuing what I really think you would have supported, art. True art, art from places indescribable and so personal that they are only found by some. Thank you.

Wayne Allen Holland Jr.
To me music is very important enjoy many forms of music jeff Buckley's music is unlike any other i have ever heard . music is a vehicle and he drove to parts of the heart that not many people in music do or could its very hard to compare his music or words or fairly do them justice in words or criticism but i do think everyone should have a chance to hear this genius open their hearts and just listen...........................


do you think he knew? do you think he knew we'd weep for him, scream for him, beg for him? i can't handle losing him-that beautiful boy, gone too soon i knew him not at all... he was the only one to make me cry. his voice still haunts us all, and we can't cry enough for him to return.

Fernando Palma
I would like to thank to Jeff's memory, for his precious music, it brings lihgt to me. Thank you Jeff. We miss you.
You had so much to give...

Emma Buhse

I'm sad to say I'll never see him live but I'm greatful for what exsists & that he was even hear at all . His death still makes me grieve especially for Mary & Corey .

Jeff, remember the marsh?
Three glorious days.. .you are so missed... in some small way, I know you remember. Your beauty will haunt me forever, and I dont know when I'll feel that way again. "Come over...say it's not too late." My dreams are empty without you.

Calixta B.

I first heard Jeff's Grace album during the beginning of 1997. His music has touched me so deeply that I feel all kinds of emotions every time I hear him. The sadness of his loss will never fade, however most and foremost I treasure his music for having that unique quality to lift the spirit and to appreciate life. After first listening to Jeff Buckley I realised just how pure music can be and how well it can soothe the soul. Jeff's talent was a rare one and one that doesn't come around too often, I wish I'd seen him in the flesh and performing but that wasn't to be. I'll continue to celebrate the music he has left for us and spread the word.

" Jeff you're a tear that will hang inside my soul for ever and ever"
God bless, simon.

nothing i can say could justify what jeff left for us. god bless.

C'est trop con.
C'était le meilleur.
Il nous manque à tous.
Mais c'est comme ça. Tristan

Most of the people i know are totally unaware of the beautiful uniqueness of Jeff Buckley. Fortunately i am. I am told that i am obsessed with him, but in fact i am only deeply moved by him and have the most respect for his work and highly talented voice. Being 15 it is hard for me to express the way i feel because no-one in my age group has even heard of him (i feel sorry for them too!)but it still hasn't changed the way i think or feel. When i came home from school and tuned in to jjj (an Aussie radio station) i had never expected to hear that Jeff was missing, then i was even more shocked to hear of his death. I don't think i have ever cried so much in my life. looking back on his life i can only hope that one day people will truely understand the effect this very special man has had on many of people. Jeff Buckley, Eternal Life is for you, you will alwys live on in my heart.

Padraig Sweeney

Its not often that someone with the voice of an angel and fascinating natural musical insight can put his notions to notes. Long live Jeff Buckley, genius and legend. A true hero


The first day that I heard Jeff's music, I couldn't believe how I had ever been content until then. I have never been so inspired and so moved as I am by his work. He has the voice and soul of an angel. Every lyric he sings means so much more than simple words. Every melody he shapes carries my heart away with it. He really is a beautiful person and through his music he will never die.
Thankyou for giving us all so much joy Jeff.

Radley Balko
morning theft
(in memory of jeff buckley)

precious, precious silver and gold,
a gothic voice echoes out from the thick
of black riverbed. stay with me, under these
waves tonight, be free for once in your life
tonight. like shelley at once a poet, whose verse
was clipped, effeminate, as undertow drowned beauty
and rage together- and the hallelujahs go black.
a voice locked behind rivulet, lungs swell
with water, screams muted by whitecaps,
sounds of grace still beckon- muffled flesh, so nice,
torn too young to hold on, to old to break free and run,
vocals hang departed over come-hither backbeats
like violet silk sheets from mahogany headboards-
living love in life and losing love in song,
a morning life goes down, and mourning is found,
did the river never wash over?
a morning theft like no other.

Jeff Buckley has done so much for me. Now i have no chance to thank him, only in my prayers. The times he's music has helped me with love and life has been endless. He is definately one of my biggest inspirations. Thanks for everything jeff!

*My Angel Went For A Swim,
And That Was The End Of Him,
For My Angel Was Swept Under,
With Only Sketches To Remember.

Maybe because it doesn't seem to come from any one place in this world, Jeff's angelic and heart-gripping voice has reached throughout the world to touch the hearts of those still searching for a music of passion, great love for life and yet so human, so real.

I am not nearly as articulate as I'd have to be to say just how much Jeff means to me, but just by a quick glimpse at the tributes on this page you can see that many people's life from all over the world, (the US, Germany, Ireland, Australia, France and so many other countries (I'm from Montreal in Canada)), of all ages and backgrounds, have been changed by his talent and his music. That alone speaks of a great accomplishement, even if Jeff might not have considered himself as so influencial.

But we aren't people from the music industry, we don't HAVE to listen to his music, it is not our job or duty. Yet we all took the time to come in here and do our best to write an appropriate tribute to Jeff.

Thank you for bearing with my going on and on, and thank you Jeff for making me believe in the beauty of life and the magic of dreams.

If anyone wants to email me, feel free to do so.

Mike Constantine
I don't feel this is necessarily a tribute, but I have been anxious to express my brief and recent experiences with Jeff Buckley's music. I only first heard of him about a year and a half ago when Much Music played an excerpt from I believe the Tibetan Freedom Concert(not to sure), but it really grabbed me by the soul. The amount of energy and passion he poured into his music made me flutter with excitement. I have had great experiences with bands like Radiohead and Nirvana, but as my musical tastes have matured over the years, I've learned to appreciate the inventive and unique sounds of Jeff's work. It has made me a better song-writer and it opened many doors for what my imagination can offer, and honestly, I am indebted to Jeff. Unfortunately, I only learned of him after his tragic death and for the most part it bothers me greatly. I own a large majority of his albums and singles, but I still I yearn for more, as probably we all do. I miss not having had the opportunity to see him live, for it is one of my ultimate dreams. It is funny, but sad, how barely no one I talk to knows of him. Tim Buckley, you say? No. JEFF BUCKLEY!! It happens constantly again and again. But in a special way, I'm proud that I'm one of those blessed few who have been graced by his talents. I love his work, the one's I shared his music with have been drawn as we all have, and it makes me wonder how big he really could have been. If only..../ I thank you kindly for reading my remarks and if you ever need a helping hand in broadcasting Jeff to the public, you have my address. Thank you for your time.

He was solid. Now he's a friend

I didn't really read what other people wrote but I could realize they had too many things to say. I don't have so many things to write because I think that the only point here is that Jeff was a great musician (and, unfortunetely, I have never knew him, but, of all I read, I just can conclude he was as great as a human being as he was as a musician) and his death was a huge loss to the world. I wish I could turn back time and, somehow, I wish I could have avoided his death. When I think in everything he has done, in every simgle music he made, I understand how meanless was his death...and it wasn't just meanless, it also was tremendously stupid! I'm not saying that it was his fault (because it wasn't), I'm just saying that he didn't deserve to die this way.
I hope that, whathever he is now, he rests in peace and I hope that he had understood how important and special he was.

Arnie Friling
The summer of 97 in Oslo was unusually warm and beautiful. Every afternoon after finishing work , i would ride my bike down to the beach. The only CD I brought with me every day was "Grace". The unique music combined with the knowledge that Jeff had gone, created sad but beautiful images. I must have listned to it 300 times those months. I will never ever get tired of visiting the places your music takes me to. I admit to being selfish, but I seldom tell anybody about you. I want you for myself. It is sometimes frightening how inconsequential and trivial other music sounds compared to yours. Being so modest and generous as you obviously were, you'd likely strongly object. Thank you for making this world a better place.

'we are here to add what we can,not to get what we can from life'.... jeff, you have inspired so many,and your spirit haunting will continue to haunt us by choice...from rens

Phew, what a relief. Thought I was on my own. Was lucky to see Jeff play at Seagulls on the gold coast about 2 years ago & since then have never been the same Yes Grace is brillant & sketchs o.k. but truly this guys magic was live. It was the most intence experince I have ever had. We were all blown away ! After the concert he and the band came out to the foyer & joined everyone for a drink. I try playing his music to friends but rarely do they get it. My children will now have learn about his music. We miss him.

Jeffrey Fischer
I describe Jeff Buckley as the greatest musisican to ever walk on this planet. PASSIONATE, is what he was....and there are truly not enough passionate people in this world.

Jeff was an amazing artist, one of great complexities that we will never know enough about. And although he has left us, he will never leave us, as his spirit will live on in those who he touched with his music.

Giovanni Barbo
I've known Jeff's music only after his death, but I can say I never heard a voice so emotional, a sensibility so's hard to explain. I regret I never had the possibility to see him live, because here in Italy he was not so famous: I think he was a great musician and a wonderful person...I believe it from the songs he wrote, from the way he played and sang. I feel I miss him.

The one thing that amazes me about Jeff is that every song grows the more you listen to it. I am a singer/songwriter myself and I'm just puzzled by musicians such as Jeff who can write music with such nerve and intensity.

He must have been one of these guys who simply loved music and the need to tell it to other people. I'm certain that the world wasn't ready for Jeff Buckley when he was alive but the day will come when he will be THE influence to others, not just songwriters but to poets, writers and vocalists. We will never forget you.

It's so sad to know the voice I'm listening at is dead... that beautiful voice we hear on a cd, we'll never hear it live again. It makes me so sad. But on the other way I want to thank God for the time he gave us with him, for wanting him to share with us, thank his mother for not letting us down, giving us all she can, did and will do. And of course Jeff himself: Jeff, thanx for your music I can listen at and find some rest deep in myself, never thought one person I even don't know personal could change my life in such a possitive way, thank you...I hope you found the peace you deserve

All my love,

Tim Feeney
I can't say anything about Jeff Buckley that hasn't already been said. All I know is, the first time I heard his album, it made me bawl like a two year old! There is such genious on "Grace"! The brilliance of the songwriting, the incredible vocals, and the production of Andy Wallace all came together and impacted me in a way that I haven't felt since hearing abbey road for the first time.Not to mention the sheer genious of the song order-what a rollercoaster! I fight off tears every time I hear his remake of hallelujah! Many artists put out what I consider to be great albums, but nothing comes close to the way I feel about Grace. It's a horrible tragedy that he was stolen from us, but that album...well lets just say if I was allowed to record only one album in my lifetime, and it was that good, I would die a happy man.

What can i say?....his music was and is so gut wrenchingly beautiful..From the first time i saw him perform live in boston...i fell in love with his energy his spirit ...and his tremendous voice....i feel the sadness of his loss....i feel grateful for seeing him perform...i will never forget that...ever..

Michelle Barlow
A great man.....forever.



Mad Boudreau
I left my heart and the paper maché imprint of your hand, where I last saw you. I dreamt that I smoked last night. Wonderful, long, breezy drags. I thought the rest of it was a dream too, until I woke up missing my heart, and ,you who took it.

i have been reading these beautiful tributes to Jeff and i realised that losing him still hurts. I am so glad though that there are so many people out there who feel the way i do about Jeff's music and its power. I can't think of the words to describe it, i am not even sure that there are words. I think Jeff is that lone note, born from the depth of the soul, lingering for a moment of pure beauty, and then falling again, back to the chorus, back to reality. It is sad, very sad, but Jeff's music seems to have the ability to transcend emotion, and that is something i hope that i will be able to bring to my music one day.

Thanks Jeff. I really mean it. I do.

Jeff Buckley was the greatest artist to come along in my short lifetime and will remain there 'til the day I die. His music is an inspiration to me. Hearing his latest and final record saddens me because it's so damn good. His death has deprived listeners of hearing more of his beautiful, genuine and down right excellent music. As a fellow musician, he has inspired me to try new things with music. He could not be categorized the last record proved that. I was lucky enough to see him live at Roseland. He opened up for Juliana Hatfield. That is when I realized I had just seen the greatest musician and singer I have ever seen and heard. His voice was angelic. His life ended too early as we all know. He will be greatly missed!

After reading all the tributes on ths site, I just would like to say how pleased I am to see how Jeff's music has touched so many people. I got so many friends into his music and they all felt the same way as you guys do. Cheated! Cheated out of what could've been a prominent artist in music. He was king!! I would also like to state that if were alive "Everybody Here Wants You" would be a fuckin hit. I think Jeff knew he was destined to die, ala Hendrix and Cobain. Listen to "So Real", "I couldn't awake from the nightmare, it sucked me in and pulled me under, pulled me under." Rest in peace Jeff.

I first listened to Jeff Buckley, one day after he died. He gave me shivers up my spine with every word he sang. His music moves me in a way I cannot explain. I feel as if I know him just by listening to his music, and I only wish I heard his music before he died. I hope you are peaceful where ever you are Jeff.


I never heard Jeff until 1995, I was watching the TV coverage of Glastonbury in my garden with a bottle of red wine. I can't remember what the songs were, but I do remember being blown away by the sheer beauty of the songs and the voice. Grace will forever remain a masterpiece and inspiration to all those who have heard it, but will raise questions about what the tragic end of his life prevented Jeff from achieving. I often listen to Grace in the dark in the early hours, it still reduces me to tears, and the beautiful climax of 'Dream Brother' is perfection. I have tried not to sound pretentious but have probably failed. All I can hope is that when it came Jeff's time, he did indeed leave this life with a satisfied mind. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Sad Sister
Am absolutely devestated that I didn't find out about Jeff Buckley's music until after he was gone. My best friend saw him play in Syndey and everyone was so so quiet and reverently moved that they had to turn off the cash registers that were loud in comparison to the hushed breathing of the audience. I honestly grieve that I can never hear him and that he will not write more of his beautiful songs that light up the sky with beauty. I made the man I love a tape with all his beautiful love songs on it because there was no other way for me to convey the depth of my emotion for him or the intensity of my joy in knowing him-- by combining pieces of Grace and Sketches, this tape contains the essence of the fondest wishes of my soul I so thank Jeff for making this wonderous music that hovers on the wings of the angels.


To the man who made the words "I love you" seem to be a real and reasonable thing to say...Jeff, My god how I love you.

Marie Redding

i had first listened to jeff, one afternoon in my best friend's cellar. she had a satellite dish and she got all these obscure channels. one of those channels was a canadian music television (like an MTV). anyhow, they were showing highlights of that years Glastonbury festival...and then all of a sudden there was this guy up on the stage singing some song. i thought to myself, "Who the fuck is this?" it was jeff, but all i was interested in was oasis. please forgive me it was many years ago. But this past summer of 98, i happened to be in a Borders, browsing thru the music, and i came upon a listening module, with "grace" in the player. i put the headphones on...intriguied by the fact i had heard a while back that jeff had died. the paper that hung off the module said something to the effect, of "listen to the first song all the way thru". i listened to the first 30 seconds of it, and decided to buy it. since my purchase, i have become physically attached to the cd, and the cd case bears the marks of my affection. i didn't know jeff. and i can't thank him enough for giving me a reason to have faith...i wish he wasn't dead...we all do...but i wish i hadn't waited so long...this guy who was so beautiful, will continue to live on thru his beautiful music...i thank God that he created human beings for us to have as role models...i thank Jeff for the music he has created...Thanks jeff for opening my eyes to see things the way they really are...All my love until i meet you in heaven...

i was afraid yet peaceful...i was peaceful with myself...i was scared...but you took my hand, and i wandered in circles no more...i sang out...but they covered my mouth, so you ripped their hands away...and when i cried...i cried for you...and didn't not come running i waited for you...said a prayer for you...and you came in the most interesting whispered a song into my ears...and melted my fear away. Jeff- this is wierd to me, it's foreign...but you know what? i don't care. all these people are writing to you, you touched all their lives, and i am proud that one of God's children spent his time so wisely although it is an incredible pity that you died so soon. i didn't know you, but someday i hope to meet you in heaven...
love lindsay

Joe Beleznay
You're an inspiration to me.
You still inspire me.
You will always be missed.
Thanks Jeff.

Eoin O' Faolain
Jeff meant(and means) everything to me. his music should be poured over.Whenever I hear one of his great songs(every one) , emotions surge through me,whether it's sadness ,or anger or sheer uplifting joy at the beauty of his music.I will never let go of his music

Matt Herrett
I first heard Jeff's Grace album shortly after he died, and was astounded by the power, range, and sheer emotion in his voice. I was affected by that album greatly, and spent the summer after his death listening it. Recently, I got hold of 'Sketches...' and was blown away. "Morning Theft" is the most beautiful song Jeff ever wrote, and I will listen to it until the day I die.

i never had the privilege of meeting jeff buckley, but his music touched me in so many ways. his version of HALLELUJAH still makes my hair stand up. not long after he died i heard a song called VIRGINIA WOOLF by the INDIGO GIRLS. it really captures how i feel about him. there is a line in the song that says "...and so it was for you when the river eclipsed your life and sent your soul like a message in a bottle to me and it was my rebirth..." each life does have its place and jeff's music will always have a place in my life.

'There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away...'
Jeff changed my view of life, his voice took hold of my soul and brought it to the point where I realised the true meaning of life, Particularly in the song 'Mojo Pin'. After I finished high school, I went into a period of deep depression and listening to 'Grace' helped me keep in touch with the raging emotion inside me - 'And I feel them drown my name'.

"Grace": The voice of a soul tortured.

Thank you Jeff for helping me to wallow in my pity for never asking her out. She's practically married now, and I never told her how much I cared for her. I'll never see her sweet return. In being left behind, you're all that I have left.

Farewell Jeff.

Farewell LLLM. I'll love you forever.

The Abagon Bros.

Lilacs after you left,
plastered against my lips.
Now the only thing i can taste
is what makes you unforgettable.
Majestic as the heavens
with unmatched beauty
your soul casted of the purest essence
of love, life, and music, beautiful music.
such a wonderful human,
such an incredible tragedy......
your eternal flame lives on
inside all of us
and you will never ever be forgotten.
Rest well Dream Brother
Your song plays on....infinite.

My tribute is a bit of a stolen one. it's a song written by a belgian band called Zita Swoon, called 'song for a dead singer'. it goes: "I accept your invitation, I accept your lonely truth, I had the information trickle through. Some of us like dancing, a lot of us take dope, a lot of this romancing hits the floor. Some Mississippi river took you one bad day... Who wounds himself with the roses, who dared the saddest song? Who struggles with his lovers need, still finds the trick to carry on? Ooooh Stay in the space ship you command. Don't mind those people who pretend, to be helping one another. They're just a running their own game, they're stuck with all their fancies, they're sick insde their brain, they want to carry on and on, they want to make us pay, but after all the work is done, who minds himself, who just plays? Who wounds himself with the roses, who dares the saddest song? Who struggles with his lovers need, still finds the trick to carry on? Oooooh Stick a greenback to my fretboard, skates a junkie throuh my brain, make a quick delivery, never coming back again. " The singer and writer of this song reminds me a lot of Jeff, not in his voice not in his looks nor in his music. He just does.

Jeff will be loved by those who knew him
and cherished by those who only heard him
His music is a landmark in originality and feeling

For me Jeff never died. His life continues through sites like this one.

Thank you for everything you ever gave to me.

Donal Mc Gilloway
Jeff had such an amazing talent which was wasted when he died. Not many people can listen to the music, but what Jeff could do was truly amazing. I just hope when my site is up and running you will visit it

I just got Jeff Buckley's debut CD, Grace, today and was immediately stunned by it. I had always thought "Last Goodbye" was a beautiful song made more poignant by Jeff's tragic death. But the album itself is mesmerizing. Being a musician myself, it makes me more inspired each time I hear Jeff sing. Jeff's death at such a young age is a severe blow to what music is and could have been. May he be remembered for generations to come. Vaya con dios and Rest in peace, Jeff.

Jeff's music and lyrics manage to reach the place no other human being can when I'm down. When he soars,so does my heart.

Christine Monaco
The Piano
(For Jeff)

I knew you in a dream once:
we were sitting in a crowded subway.
You had your arm around my shoulders and
I asked you if we could stay like this forever.

We walked to your house
through the deserted streets,
dust in our lungs
from the beating of angels' wings.

You took me inside and showed
me your grand piano.
I begged you for a song just one
And then I could leave you here forever

We lit the candles.
You started to play, your hands
pounding the keys to the rhythm of my heartbeat
I listened and I prayed, staring into the flame

I learned your heart as you sang,
and when you finished, I was alone.
The candles were blown out.
All the light was gone from the room.

And when you left,
I sat alone in the empty room
to re-light the candles
to start over again.

April Allison Morris (butterfly)

"If only you'd come back to me...." I miss you terribly every time the night comes and I look out of my window to see a child's moon,its pale pure light streaming across the sheets on my bed. I dream only to kiss you on your shoulder,to feel the warmth in your eyes of liquid brown and taste the sweetness of your laughter. Please, I beg for your return, but it is not so. Now only what remains is your VOICE calling out from a place in which you may never return to. At long last you are surrendered to the clouds, beyond the child's moon of which you spoke, back to the place from where He first gifted you. And amongst the angels and seriphs and all of the brethren,you sing. For this I find solace,that I might no longer be traumatized by my earthly loss. Oh my sweet beloved Jeff, my tears will never dry until I kiss you again.

From every part of me I give my sincerest thanks and intense love. April


What can I say about him it's difficult to put into words. His music has meant more to me than any other songwriter. I will always treasure the times when I was lucky enough to see him. Grace is the most perfect album that I know - nothing has ever moved me to tears before. I will never forget and will always be inspired by him.

Kristy Nicholson
Words cannot express how I feel about Jeff Buckley and his music. He has touched me on so many levels-spiritually, emotionally, intellectually. His passing was a terrible tradegy, and I will never forget the day I heard the news report on Triple J confirming that he had drowned. I will never forget you Jeff.


When Jeff Buckley took that final step into the depths of the Mississippi river, it was as if music took that tragic plunge as well. He was simply the future of an art decayed by commercialism. His music was so honest, pure and emotional, it was as if each note, each word, was written by god. I know Jeff's music is something special when "Lover you should've come over" reduces me to tears every time. We should be thankfull he even gave us a "fleeting glimpse" of the future of music with the demos he left us on "Sketches..." Jeff, you are, "the tear that hangs inside our souls forever." Mere words cannot express what you've given us. You breathed life into a dying art. Thank You.

Soren Thorup
I've been searching this site for a while now, 'cause I wanted to give my tribute to JB. I'm not sure why, 'cause there's noone to thank, but, as I sit here partly drunk and listen to his first album, wondering which album is the best, I feel that I must show someone that I find him the best musician ever. I actually wept while writing this, proberbly because I'm drunk--- Sad because I'll never know what great a record My sweetheart the drunk would have been. Sad because he'd proberbly've made many records better then those we have. It is seldom you find a so great singer and songwriter in the same person. I'm proberbly not the biggest fan you have or will get but I must thank you. Not for giving my life meaning, but only for giving me the greatest music I've ever heard. This is not written for other fans of him, but only for my own satisfaction.

Dear Jeff,
You will always hold a peice of my heart. Thank you for the beautiful music, the enchanting words and the incredible sense of humor. You will never be forgotten for as long as I live. You still know how to make me laugh and cry with just one note. I know you are still singing, even if I cannot hear you.

With sincerest love...


i don't really know what i want to say. but even if no one ever reads this i have to say something. what a loss. i'm not a sappy person, and i don't really adore anyone, but i adore jeff. he has touched me inside my soul. and when i hear his sweet voice it's like it's just for me and the sky. i would have loved to watch him sing and touch his hand and look in his eyes. i think he was an angel. a sweet sweet angel. i want to tell him i love him. so many nights i've laid crying in my bed with only jeff's voice to get me through the night. i want to thank him for that. if anyone has ever made love to me, it's jeff. love, real love. i'm going to listen to my dream brother now, maybe one day i'll join him. goodnight jeff, sweet dreams.

I love Jeff Buckley, even in death his voice still haunts me! I first discovered his music when I was sophomore in highschool, a time in my life when I was very unhappy with myself and my surroundings. The first time i heard Grace, it soothed my aching soul, and let me know that i was not the only one out there hurting. His beautiful music made me want to create my own beauty. i thank God for Jeff and his music that he felt fit to share with us.

"Music is everywhere. Music is endless."
Jeff, you said it yourself.

You will forever remain in the music, and in our hearts. I miss my beautiful friend......

Love, G.

I never thought someone could touch my soul like he did

Pippo from Italy
Dear Jeff,
thankyou for all and no sad goodbye!!!

Brian Malavich
I really only have one thing to say, Jeff Buckley changed my life. All it took was one listen to his music and I have never looked back. His music had me look at music from a different angle I would have normally never seen. His music was a unique form that will be truly missed.

Rob Bailey

The artist was something else in terms of portraying spirit in audio. I've never been so impressed with an albumn like Grace. It will remain timeless and be very difficult to surpass for me, although I'm all ears for new artists.


There is now way to fully explain the impact Jeff's music had on my life. His lyrics not only moved me but made me see deeper into who I am. His lyrics made me spritual which is part of why I am so greatful to him. His music takes me away when I m down it will take me where ever I want or need to be. Though I have never met Jeff his leaving us left me feeling as if I had lost a dear friend. He is my inspration and will be so always. Rest In Peace Jeff
i miss you

Teresa Gabriel
I want to thank David Fonseca of Silence4 for letting me know Jeff Buckley. His words and his music touch like I never been touched. He's a genuine human being.

i have read all your beautiful words about jeff. in my lonely room it was only he and i. never knew any othr fans existed, it makes my heart glad to know that others love him as i have and do. he came to me one night in 1995, disguised as an mtv buzz clip. beautiful, beautiful last goodbye. i had to have this music so i went out a brought grace. it made me cry like a new born child. can you understand what it's like to be in pain but to find joy because someone understands it. that is how i feel about jeff buckley. i didn't know that other people felt this way, almost fanatical about him even in death. when i found out he was dead, i couldn't, wouldn't believe it. i had waited patiently for 3 years for a new album and it only came in the wake of his death. i got sketches and listened to it so closely so intently that i lost myself in the music and became one with it. i am sad, sad because i never got to see him live, sad because the man is gone, the music is gone. rip jeff i will see you later.

You are my god. Grace is my bible. Thank you.


I loved him as though I knew him. Sleep soundly.

Juan Manuel Martín Trujillo

I meet Jeff Buckley thanks to a friend that lend me the "GRACE" LP, since i heard for the first time i like it. I am very sad for his death, not only for his music. I think that his music, his lyrics not only are a good songs, are a beauty songs and we need a lots of beauty. I'm not specially a fan from someone, but in the case of Jeff i'm deeply sad when now i listen his songs, i didn't met him personally but he is near to me, Anyway, anywhere, if some kind of God exist, I would like to listen a new song in heaven from you Jeff when i will die. Rest in peace dream brother, we love you. Your memory and your music is living in my heart, and i expected from the rest of my life.


I only heard "Grace" for the first time a few months ago, and was instantly moved by its depth and sincerity. Jeff Buckley became the second musician of the 1990's (the first was Kurt Cobain) to change my life posthumously. Jeff is who I listen to at night, and when I have problems. As he said in the liner notes to "Sketches", "I don't make my music for Sony. I make it for the people who are driving down the road crying to a full blast stereo . . ." In this intent, as in every other, he succeeded.

Christopher McCord
I bought Jeff Buckleys cd "Grace" on a whim, every now and then get in the mood to buy a cd and discover something non commercial. Jeff's cd blew me away, undoubtable.

His voice, his chord progression, his melodies...unique and heartwarming.

I won't ever live with out his music in my collection, ever!

Thanks Jeff...

dear jeff,

thanks for everything you've done for me. i don't know where i'd be if it wasn't for you and your music. it's too bad that god had to take you before i got a chance to introduce myself. well i know i'll see you someday, i hope we shake hands when we meet . . .


i've just spent the last half an hour reading most (after all there are so many) tributes on this site and i'd just like to say that like every 1 else Jeffs Music is very special 2 me. Also like many people i never did meet Jeff, infact i never saw any of his gigs (something i would have been proud to tell of) but i feel his music very much. i'm still young at the moment (only 16) so i cant say i have many bad memories, but the ones i do have r soothed by Jeffs angelic voice. i would also like to thank the rest of the band and any 1 that helped to create something i hope will last a long time in the memories of people the world over. i just hope time will not distort Jeffs music to create a money making product, this would b a great dishonour to all those who love Jeff as the great man and a musician he was. ur's respectfully Ricehard.

Justin Reedy
Jeff , You have an extreamly well-trained voice . I study music at St.Charles County Community College in St.Charles MO. and am destined to be an artist soon someday. In the process you will always have my undivided attention and reconition . I also like artis like Ben Harper,DMB. Lilac Wine is my favorite number and I will keep performing it for more people to enjoy and recognize your loved work. Sincerely Justin Reedy


it breaks my heart to think that I could only hear about Jeff because of his death....but, that is how it was. Two albums is all we have left of him, and that is such injustice that I can't comprehend it. I don't need to go into ostentatious lines of description to say what he was, or is, to me - people have expressed it well enough already. It was the voice, the songs, the was Jeff, and I'm so glad that I found him, whenever I did. People still have yet to find him, and when they do, they'll feel the regret that I do, that they didn't get there earlier - but they should feel as grateful as I do too, because there is still the music to hold on to. And as far as Jeff's music goes, it is never too late.....

Kristy Nicholson
"Love let me sleep tonight on your couch, And remember the smell of your simple city dress, Oh that was so real...." Jeff sings me to sleep at night, comforts me in times of sorrow, and moves me in so many ways. The music has helped me through times of distress, and I don't think I would have survived without it. Thankyou, Jeff, I'll always remember you. "You gave me more to live for, more than you'll ever know."

Sérgio Pinto

Thank you Jeff!
Your spirit will hang on my soul forever.


It's in your art
It's in your heart
Your beauty
Even in this world of lies
You had innocence and purity
In your eyes
Even in this world of lies

Nicholas Troja
May his music live for many years to come. His music brings a tear to the eye everytime i hear it. His music can make you cry or it can make your head go up and in excitement. His is the most influencial person in my life and would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who released sketches thanks. It's funny the only reason i got to know Jeff Buckley's music was by his death. Ever since his death 2 years i have been playing jeff's songs loud enough to disturb the neighbours. His music is one of a kind and I doubt if his music talent and voice will ever be repeated because he is that one special person who has made music for me and millions others out there. Thank you Jeff


just thank YOU my SHINY STAR


too alive in my mind
to just go and die

but we'll all meet in heaven
and we'll be singing all together

That's pretty silly how YOU took the sense of my life and gave me MORE, MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW

the philosphical and spiritual dream i have is Jeff. he has led me on a journey. his music, voice and words moved me, and made me feel close to him, like many many other worldwide. it was what he put into his music that opened him right up to us. and that is what is driving me to be the best i can be.

you gave yourself to music, and us. Thank you Jeff Buckley.

i love jeff buckley he is the touching amd inspirational singer of this century.

Jeff, thank you with all my heart. You make me cry with the angst, passion, and beauty within your poetry and voice. You helped me learn to love when I didn't know how to let myself, as you inspired me to follow my insticts and dreams. 'I love you but I'm afraid to love you'- not anymore.

RIP Jeff, I hope you found peace.
Love Mel


Your music has got me through so many times, good and bad. You had so much talent, it was almost unreal. I was at the last Sydney gig at Selina's and that is a memory I will always cherish. Your music got in touch with me, I felt like I actually knew you. Grace will always be my favourite album of all time.

Fin mai debut juin est,chaque annee,une période douloureuse.Particulièrement. Elle me rappelle la perte d'un etre d'exception,doté de qualités artistiques et humaines d'une grande rareté. En avant gout,ses photos dans les magazines annonçaient l'intensité à venir des concerts.Son physique ne dérogeait pas à son ame:Jeff était aussi beau de l'intérieur que de l'extérieur.Et lorsque je le rencontrai dans la loge après le premier concert(le 9 fev 95),sa gentillesse a égalé son talent.Disponible,ouvert,doutant de ce soudain succes(comment as-tu connu ma musique?m'a-t-il demandé),joueur et surtout d'une extreme délicatesse...Le temps a passé,les gens sont partis de la loge et bizarrement,la dernière image de Jeff à Montpellier a été celle d'un enfant un peu perdu,un peu vidé,seul,au milieu de la pièce, après le tourbillon qui avait rencontré la star.Je ne veux pas donner une image triste de Jeff et surtout pas finir là-dessus mais je crois sincèrement que Jeff était un etre capable d'une grande énergie de vivre derrière laquelle se cachait une grande blessure,une infinie tristesse. C'est,je crois ce qui a donné Grace,et qui a fait de Jeff un artiste dont l'oeuvre a changé l'histoire de la musique et nous a fait redécouvrir l'émotion.Un etre ,qui,de par sa voix avant tout,nous a fait rencontrer Dieu.


Even tho I have tried to saturate myself with every album of this century and tho my socalled collection amounts to thousands...sometimes I just sit and tell myself that if everything I have burned down tonite, All I really want in my pocket are grace and sketches...

A paper near my town had the headline 'heavenly pop tunes' And I didn't know how to respond. All of us would have to hold on to that word 'heavenly'. I'm sure jeff means all things to all people. Not a single night passes where I can refrain from listening to grace. There's alake near my house where young lovers sometimes go..where I sometimes go, and I say this with sincerity that I often hear jeff's voice wherever I'm there. It's all in me only, but that's the power of the music.

Da poco ho conosciuto Jeff Buckley, ma sono già molto legato a lui la sua musica è diversa da tute la altre, ti circonda, ti avvolge galoppa al tuo fianco. Grazie Jeff per quello che hai fatto

Peter Harding
Thanks Jeff.
thanks for your constant inspiration and motivation. through you we all saw a bit of ourselves we never knew existed. hope to see you up there one day.


The Last Goodbye was playing when my now husband kissed me for the first time. I knew that had to be a sign that we would be together forever. I never got the chance to see you play but I've imagined it a million times and get a feeling still just hearing you sing. Your voice and lyrics send me to a place I don't ever want to leave. It's sad to say not many people I know ever heard of you, but I have turned many people on to your music and everyone of them is amazed at your talent. Also they were saddened to find that you were no longer with us but grateful for the ability to find your magic now. Your music will live on. Your the tear that hangs inside my soul forever.

what to say?
Jeff Buckleys music has influence many of us young struggling musicians. His music in the past as well as now has brought much joy into my very depressing life. its amazing how one being can have such an impact on a lost soul like me. well may his music continue to grace the hearts of all you fans out there.


Everytime i hear the last bit of GRACE, i get filled with an overwhelming load of emotion...his voice gets me all the time.....what a tragic loss and waste





i really really love the songs of jeff buckley he is my no# 1 favorite singer next to kurt cobain, I love you... mayethski of Philippines

these are the lyrics to the song: 'sweet return' taken from my e.p. of the same name. the song began when news of jeffs' disappearance first came out but as the tragedy unfolded, so did the lyrics. days we waited for you
for your sweet return
from the depths of the deepest blue
and we prayed

prayed that it's not your turn
like those before you
your time has come to soon...
cut down, like a flower

i don't understand....fate's hand

cause what light could burn so bright
so bright as to take your spark
and smother it in the depths..of the dark

now i want to go there to
if only to be with you
with those aeroplanes & blue suede shoes
is it true ?

and i hope there was a beautiful sound
in your ears as it took you
cause up here there's just the sound...
of a bell....waiting to be still

for the complete lyrics or more on this song, by all means contact me at the address above
R.I.P. jeff

John Francis Lee
Again as mentioned by others on this site,Im not too sure what to say having just stumbled across this sight.Had I had time to prepare something I could have written a book on my appreciation alone for Jeffs music and insight.People can learn so much from a man like that(sincerity for one)His music saw me through a very bleek winter indeed having split up from my long term girlfriend and feeling completely broken I found myself listening to grace an awfull lot.I also really appreciate his music from a fellow musicians point of view and I am so pleased to see young up and coming musicians listing their influence as Jeff Buckley which is a welcome sight to see in this sterile musical climate.

Most of all I just thank God for Jeffs music and finally just to say God bless you Jeff rest in peace.
JFL England

Jeff, why you had to go know one knows, but one thing that i know for sure is that your music will always be a 'grace' to my ears and a 'grace' to my heart. Love you forever -xx-

The young musician
Jeff's Flying over the seasons of a blackened love now his thewed wings can fly no more. I know his heart's burnt like a million sun as his tears have dried on these arms of stone, and all the love he had is turning into a living grain of sand which will save us from falling down again. Thou his young flower's gone it still lives on and every night is painted in the sky with a thousend stars. I miss you Jeff even if I didn't know you at all but, I needed you to become a great musician as you were,because You gave me so much inspiration. But I saw you writing on a cloud last night, good work my friend.

Jeff, I miss you. Good Luck.