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The Discography

The discography was originally on
Gayle Kelemen's Unofficial Page,
discography by gayle kelemen

The Biography

The biography was taken from the Old Sony site,
with the second half appended from an article
that I found elsewhere. (I actually forget where,
so if you've read it, and it's yours, I will give
you the proper credit.)

The Lyrics Page

Some of the more obscure Lyrics (The Dylan, Smiths, etc.)
Came from Lenny's Lyrics Page.
and the new lyrics, from the Selina's show came from Sorrow's Page.

The Covers Page

Muchos gracias to Deborah Baker and Steven Russell for their
help with the lyrics to Flutter Girl for the Covers page...
Their respective web pages can be found at:
Steven's Unofficial Soundgarden Discography
Deborah's Chris Cornell Page
Once again, thanks to both!
The Lyrics for that song weren't posted ANYWHERE on the web,
and the two of them got back to me with such quickness, it was really quite stunning.

The Group Therapy Picture
The GT pic came courtesy of Ed Skero, who found it
in a 1989 Guitar Institute mag, and John King, who
was kind enough to email it to me.
Thanks, guys! If there is a web address associated with a song on the covers page,
it is linked as "source" right underneath the title of the song.
If you have any of the missing lyrics, please, Email me!