GRACE (Promo Live E.P.)
Columbia Records (Australia)

CD#: 481061 2

track listing:

1. So Real (live) 4:25 Tablature
2. Dream Brother (live) 8:43 Tablature
3. Grace (live) 5:56 Tablature
4. Mojo Pin (live) 13:47

total time: 32:54

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Included with Grace album in Australia.
So Real was recorded by Tsuyoshi Asano and Bud Snyder at On Air Azabu Studios, Tokyo, Japan.
Dream Brother was recorded at the Logo Club in Hamburg, Germany, February 22, 1995.
Grace was recorded at Sheperds Bush Empire in London, England, on March 4, 1995.
Mojo Pin was recorded live at Wetlands, NYC, November, 1994.