The Grace E.P.
Catalog number:
CD: 1996 Columbia Records (CD# 663085 2)

track listing:

1. Grace (5:22) Tablature
2. Grace (Live) (5:27)
3. Mojo Pin (Live) (8:18)
4. Hallelujah (Live) (8:41) Tablature

total time: 24:48

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Australian pressing in support of the Hard Luck Tour (Australia) in February 1996.
The live tracks have the following credits:
"Board Tape' recorded live on "The Hard Luck Tour '96" at Palais Theatre,
Melbourne, Australia on 28th February, 1996."

The inside sleeve includes the lyrics to the song Grace. This is the only release to include
the lyrics, besides the Grace promo (which also includes the lyrics to the song Grace), and
the Japanese pressing of the Grace album, which includes the complete lyric sheet.