Columbia Records
U.K./Europe release date: August 15, 1994
U.S. release date: August 23, 1994
Japan release date: September 1, 1994
Australia release date: September 19, 1994

  CD #: CK 57528
  cassette #: CT 57528
  European LP #: 475928 1
  promo cassette #: ACC 57528   (black cover with key)
  MiniDisc #: CM5728

1. Mojo Pin
(J. Buckley/G. Lucas) 5:41
2. Grace
(J. Buckley/G. Lucas) 5:21 Tablature
3. Last Goodbye
(J. Buckley) 4:33 Tablature
4. Lilac Wine
(J. Shelton) 4:31 Tablature
5. So Real
(J. Buckley/M. Tighe) 4:41 Tablature
6. Hallelujah
(L. Cohen) 6:52 Tablature
7. Lover, You Should've Come Over
(J. Buckley) 6:42 Tablature
8. Corpus Christi Carol
(B. Britten) 2:56
9. Eternal Life
(J. Buckley) 4:52 Tablature
10. Dream Brother
(J. Buckley/M. Grondahl/M. Johnson) 5:26 Tablature

total time: 51:49

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Produced, engineered, & mixed by Andy Wallace, with the exception of "So Real",
which was produced by Jeff Buckley, engineered by Clif Norrell, & mixed by Andy Wallace.

Jeff Buckley: voice, guitars, organ, dulcimer, additional tabla on "Dream Brother"
Mick Grondahl: bass
Matt Johnson: drums, percussion, vibes on "Dream Brother"
Michael Tighe: guitar on "So Real"
Gary Lucas: magicalguitarness on "Mojo Pin" & "Grace"
Loris Holland: organ on "Lover, You Should've Come Over"
Misha Masud: tabla on "Dream Brother"
Karl Berger: string arrangements

Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, New York.